Residential locksmith

Residential locksmith

Have you given your home security much thought? It might pay to plan ahead and make some investments in better locks and security devices before you have a problem like a fire or burglary. Do you have secure locks on your doors, but doors that would be easy to break around the locks? Are the simple locks on your windows easy to open? Are your important papers and jewelry securely locked in a fireproof safe, or do you keep them in a cardboard box beneath your bed?

As your residential locksmith, we can help make your home more secure. Of course, we will respond to simple emergencies like opening your front door when you lock yourself out, but we can also recommend, install and maintain the best products to improve your home security.

Visit our retail store to see the range of safes and fireproof cabinets we have on display. We sell and service most major brands and are certain to have one that is perfect for storing your jewelry, cash and important papers, or for locking your guns up to keep them safe from children.

We install the best locks for your home. Our residential locksmith service extends beyond the locks to include the doors, frames and associated hardware. We install secure window locks. We can service or replace locks on desks and filing cabinets.

Whenever you need a residential locksmith, give us a call. Our high quality products and services at reasonable prices will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and property are safe and secure.

We’re an experienced, local locksmith team with a certification. We use our extensive know-how to bring you some of the most dependable, trustworthy locksmith services in San Jose. From lock out service to key duplication to re-keying, you can trust our residential lock service to keep your home fully protected at all times.

Call today to learn more about our local locksmith services and receive a free estimate for whichever service you need.

Fast, Local Locksmith Service

By nature, locksmith services are almost always time sensitive. You want to install a deadbolt or change the locks for a reason, and that reason has to do with the security of your family and your valuables. Therefore, you shouldn’t be subject to long waiting periods. That’s why, at 5 Star Locksmith Service Inc., we make it our job not only to perform the impeccable locksmith service you need, but also to respond as quickly as possible to your call. The fact that we operate locally right here in San Jose is what allows us to arrive on the scene so fast. We offer same-day service as well as emergency services, which means you won’t ever have to endure an anxious wait for the locksmith services you need.