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Locksmith FremontMany homes use the lock-in-knob, this offers you convenience but it does not offer security from break-ins.

Lock-in-knob type locks are fine for internal doors locks that you want to lock for privacy reasons, but all exterior doors need a deadbolt lock to give the level of security required.

With this type of lock when you operate the key the mechanism slides a strong metal bolt from the door into the door’s frame.

These are the things you should make sure of when you buy a dead bolt lock:
1. The bolt extends at least 1″ into the front edge of the door frame.
2. The strike plate is attached through the trim to the door frame with screws at lea long 3″.

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There is no surprise to the fact that our team constantly updates their technology skills to offer best locksmith services along with giving 100% customer satisfaction. Our team promises to reach you within ASAP, from the moment call has been made.


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