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Locksmith Burlingame professionals that do the job of repairing locks and keys. We are highly skilled people and with the help of modern tools and equipment we are able to overcome any kind of emergency situation.

Locksmith BurlingameLeaving car keys in the ignition may not be something new for you, but you never know when it might result in you being all by yourself on the road especially when is no extra set of keys.



Services 5 Star Locksmith Burlingame you will be satisfied with:

Locksmith Burlingame~ Key Programming
~ Key Replacement
~ Property Manager Locksmith Service
~ Door Lock Pick
~ File Cabinet and Desk Locks
~ Mobile Locksmith
~ Home Lock Repair
~ Mortise Locks Installation
~ Open Residential Door
~ Roadside Assistance

Choose us as your Locksmith Burlingame CA because we treat lockouts as emergencies!

We understand that if you are stranded on the road, your safety is at risk; while you may try to unlock the car all by yourself if you think that you can get the keys out of the ignition, or call 911 for help, we suggest you at least avoid the former.

Rather, call 650-667-4599 and help would be on its way before you know; to be precise, we’d give you fast response. So, you’d get your car keys back at the earliest and will be able to drive back home.

Locksmith BurlingameOf course, we know that there are many more situations except for car lockouts that may make you panic and seek help from all possible sources. In fact, even if you talk of car lockouts, the extent of your panic attack may increase by leaps and bounds when your child is still in the car. In such a situation, you are likely to feel more helpless than ever before.

• We offer a wide variety of locksmith services including lock repair and installation; even rekeying is not a big deal because have our way with the technique.
• There’s no reason for you to not to trust us or our services, still we offer a 90-day guarantee on labor and parts.
• If you have recently lost your valuables to burglary, we won’t add to your misery; rather, you’d get discounts from us. And yes, senior citizens need no reason; they are always welcome to ask about discounts.

All in all, keep our number, i.e. 650-667-4599 handy; you may not require calling Locksmith Burlingame, CA every other day, but when you do, you shouldn’t have one more reason to panic.



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